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calculating game FPS

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Hello guys, i've been looking for a method to calculate the FPS of my game, and regulate it, e.g. limit the FPS to 60, or something like that, i've seen such things in some directX wrappers ( engines, such as DarkGDK )

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that's confusing, do we stop the program after 60 frames until the second is over? wouldnt that make the game look "glitchy" if the computer renders the 60 frames in half a second, so you get half a second delay in every loop?

@ SDL example
//If we want to cap the frame rate
if( ( cap == true ) && ( fps.get_ticks() < 1000 / FRAMES_PER_SECOND ) )
//Sleep the remaining frame time
SDL_Delay( ( 1000 / FRAMES_PER_SECOND ) - fps.get_ticks() );

EDIT: nevermind, i think i got the point wrong, thanks for the links, mate.

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