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CosmiCube v1.5 - Available to Play On Wooglie

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First my introduction. My name's Patrick and I've been pursuing game design as a hobby starting 10 years ago with GameMaker. Now that I am 23 years old I can actively delve into the professional community of the game industry. This is my first production which originally was a learning project. The game is finally complete after about 1 and a half months of development, though there are still plans down the road. Anyway here you are: COSMICUBEv1.5 Play on Wooglie! What is it? From easy to insane, CosmiCube brings you the ultimate challenge in reflexes and coordination. See how well you can balance the ball to reach its goal in 25 progressively difficult levels. Give it a go, see how you rank among the rest. Features -25 progressively difficult obstacles. -12 tracks of chiptunes (thanks to 8bitcollective [] and their respected artists.) -Global high scores; see if you can place in the top 10 Please let me know what you think .

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