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D3D10_MAP_FLAG_DO_NOT_WAIT has any sense?

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I tried on multiple machine this flag with CPU_WRITE as map mode on a staging texture this flag, but seems to never proc at all. I have a ringbuffer of staging textures for texture updates that i want to grow by itself to the needed size. I do something like this Staging[x].Map(); If the Map is successfull Copy Data Staging[x].Unmap(); Copy Rectangle Updated to default texture. else Increase cache Staging[last].Map(); Copy Data Staging[last].Unmap(); Copy Rectangle Updated to default texture. endif for like 100-200 times a frame. I tested with only 1 staging texture and the map is NEVER unsuccessfull... (but the speed is HIGHLY crippled...while with 40-50 textures the speed is normal...) Is this flag really used by the drivers? Or what? (i tested on nVidia GTS260 and an Intel card :|)

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