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Donate $5 and you can be in my XBLA game

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Hi all, My name is Brandon of boredom's products, and we're trying to raise money to fund the production for our first video game, Extreme Hugtime Simulation Challenge. We're trying out a service called Kickstarter, a portal for creative minds to collect donations in exchange for rewards; when people donate to a project's fundraiser, they get rewarded based on their contribution. But, every project has a time limit on Kickstarter, and ours is almost over. Because Kickstarter won't collect any donations unless we reach our $500 goal, we're trying to come up with some enticing rewards. One thing we're offering for our fund-raising drive is a chance to be featured as a character in our game, so check out our game's website, get to know boredom's products at our About Us page, and take a look at the rewards we're offering, all of which can be found in the links below. Donate to an indie game and support the indie scene while you get cool stuff!

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