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Uffe Hammer

PRsound ideas!

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I have tracked down a bug in the audiow32.dll from SEAL audio, which is used internally in pr, the bug made my 3dsystem.dll hang when trying to register it as a COM object. It is a very simple bug since it is just a matter of changing the message handler of the dll to wait for a specified time for an update, instead of waiting forever, which causes it to hang when PR is used in a dll, and you can email me to get the corrected version.
However the problem of having some irrate error in a soundsystem which is no longer supported by the author, led me to believe that we (the pr community) should try and push Chris Egerter to release the source code for the prsound library (since all it probably does anyway is to call the seal audio library). So that we could use a more modern audio library like the Aureal sdk, which has hardware 3d support, REAL surround sound and even the ability to play mp3's at a specified 3d location and best of all it is free and still supported.


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Have you looked at the 3D sound library which is part of the character system? It supports DirectSound3D and EAX. You could probably add A3D to it, and the source is available.

The other sound library was only simulated 3D sound by volume and 2D panning, and is not something I plan on developing further now that cards do 3D sound in hardware.


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