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Random Number Generation

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Hello I am currently working on a 2D project which requires me to generate a random number and set the positions of my user player and AI players accordingly... I am using rand() function of C/C++ to generate the random numbers...and my MAX SIZE is while using the above rand function sometimes gives me the same generated values...want i am looking is to generate different random numbers at different times between 0 - 100...without getting same generated values i have some code from the internet..but i am not liking the logic in it... please can someone give some advice on it... Any suggestions would be of great help... Thank you

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How about something like this?

std::vector<int> numbers;
std::vector<int>::iterator iter;

for (int i=0; i<=100; ++i)

// print numbers from 0 to 100 in random order
int index = rand() % numbers.size();
iter = numbers.begin() + index;
printf("Random number: %i", *iter);

(Not tested, though.)

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