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Win32: Getting printer name from DEVNAME or DEVMODE struct

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Hi I am programming in Vista 32 bit. I use PrintDlg/PrintDlgEx to open a print dialog box. I don't use the PD_RETURNDC flag. The dialog box returns with no errors but the device name that appears in DEVMODE is corrupt, and the offset that appears in DEVNAMES is bad. Here is the code (copied from MSDN article):
 HRESULT hResult;

    // Allocate the PRINTDLGEX structure.
    pPDX = (LPPRINTDLGEX)GlobalAlloc(GPTR, sizeof(PRINTDLGEX));
    if (!pPDX)
        return E_OUTOFMEMORY;

    // Allocate an array of PRINTPAGERANGE structures.
    pPageRanges = (LPPRINTPAGERANGE) GlobalAlloc(GPTR, 10 * sizeof(PRINTPAGERANGE));
    if (!pPageRanges)
        return E_OUTOFMEMORY;

    //  Initialize the PRINTDLGEX structure.
    pPDX->lStructSize = sizeof(PRINTDLGEX);
 pPDX->hwndOwner = m_pd.hwndOwner;
    pPDX->hDevMode = NULL;
    pPDX->hDevNames = NULL;
    pPDX->hDC = NULL;
    pPDX->Flags = PD_COLLATE;
    pPDX->Flags2 = 0;
    pPDX->ExclusionFlags = 0;
    pPDX->nPageRanges = 0;
    pPDX->nMaxPageRanges = 10;
    pPDX->lpPageRanges = pPageRanges;
    pPDX->nMinPage = 1;
    pPDX->nMaxPage = 1000;
    pPDX->nCopies = 1;
    pPDX->hInstance = 0;
    pPDX->lpPrintTemplateName = NULL;
    pPDX->lpCallback = NULL;
    pPDX->nPropertyPages = 0;
    pPDX->lphPropertyPages = NULL;
    pPDX->nStartPage = START_PAGE_GENERAL;
    pPDX->dwResultAction = 0;
    //  Invoke the Print property sheet.
    hResult = PrintDlgEx(pPDX);

 DEVNAMES *dn = (DEVNAMES *) pPDX->hDevNames;
 DEVMODE *dm = (DEVMODE *) pPDX->hDevMode;
 STRING str = dn + (dn->wDeviceOffset);

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This is wrong here:

STRING str = dn + (dn->wDeviceOffset); // <-

The wDeviceOffset variable is the offset in bytes, and not in DEVNAMES structures, and you probably don't want a 'STRING' type either.

A simple cast to a constant string like

const char * str = (const char *) dn + dn->wDeviceOffset;

will probably already work for you.

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