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Help with mouse joints in Box2D C++

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I have been working with Box2D for just a couple of days now, I got the basics down and understanding what I have learned, but instead of moving the objects with keyboard input using ApplyForce and Impulse, I want to use a mouse joint to move the object when I am over them and I click the left button, you don't need to tell me how to use the input device or how to locate when the mouse is over the object I have that figured out, I need to know how to create a mouse joint and attach it to the object when I press the left click then I can drag it around the screen (keeping the phyics intact of course, but just for learning I can settle for no physics if it is easier).
//Set the box's center
myBox.sprite.SetCenter(25, 25);

//Create the box shape (polygon) definition
myBox.polyDef.SetAsBox(myBox.sprite.GetCenter().x / RATIO, myBox.sprite.GetCenter().y / RATIO);
myBox.polyDef.friction      = 0.08f;
myBox.polyDef.restitution   = 0.2f;
myBox.polyDef.density      = 0.4f;

//Create the box body definition
myBox.bodyDef.position.Set(600.0f / RATIO, 50.0f / RATIO);
myBox.angle = 0.0f;

//Create the box body
myBox.body =>CreateBody(&myBox.bodyDef);

//Create the box shape

The myBox.sprite is API exclusive so don't pay attention to that if you are confused by that, I just put it there so you can see the objects center as it is relevant to my creating of the object myBox. Now how can I create a mouse joint to that, I have tried the example I saw on the homepage and what I've seen googled and to no luck. Also what should happen when I click the mouse button, if you need more code let me know, ill post more.

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