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C++ how to create Interface(WinAPI)

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i want to make the application to view my 3D model. i use directX and c/c++. now, i got the problem. i keep searching on internet and i cannot found may be i used the wr0ng keyword?? i want to make user interface like menu list or dropdown list to choose the elements or option for my program. do anyone can show me the sample? or reference website?

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These two tutorials are what you're looking for i think. The first one teaches you how to add buttons and all that stuff. The second one teaches you how to use menus.

How to create buttons, edit boxes, etc..
How to use menus

Here are some Win32 tutorials: (These tutorials are aimed at beginners and upwards, so just skip whatever you already know :) )

Win32 Tutorials
More Win32 Tutorials
Evil steve's tutorials

Win32 Video Tutorials

Hope these help ;)

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