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Patrick Niedzielski

Physx+GPLv3 Licensing Question

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Hi all, I'm writing a Free Software video game and engine called Humm and Strumm, in which players must prevent the evil Dr. Geoff from taking over the world. As the basis of our physics system, I have been looking into the NVidia Physx SDK, because it provide hardware acceleration to those who have a PPU. (The fact that I will most likely soon be getting one helps, too! ^_^). I am unsure, however, if I can use it, My game source code is licensed under the GNU GPLv3, which, I thought, prevents the linking of proprietary code with Free Software code. The Physx license allows one "to (a) internally install, use and display the PhysX SDK, solely for purposes of developing Physics Applications on Licensed Platforms; (b) internally use, copy, modify and compile the Sample Code to design, develop and test Physics Applications on Licensed Platforms; and (c) reproduce and distribute the Redistributable Code only in object code form and only as fully integrated into Physics Applications, provided you meet and comply with all requirements of this Agreement." There is a system library exception clause in the GPL, but I don't think this would count. Do you think this is allowed under the GPL, or should I instead look into other options? Thanks, Patrick

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