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Side Scroller

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I want to start with making a Side Scroller game in which you have a character are able to attack, hopefully have stats/levels that can be upgraded as well as equipment. I would like to be able to get my info from Puppet Guardian, but I was having some troubles with it. Also I would like to eventually turn it into a MORPG, I'm 15 so I have a lot of time, I would like tutorials to help me learn and I don't completely understand a lot of things right now I have Visual C++ yet I don't completely understand what I'm supposed to do, I understand a little bit of code, but not that much.

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I frequently see questions like this and my answer is almost always the same.

Before you can run you need to learn to walk and before you can walk you need to learn to crawl.

If you want to get into game development and you're not well versed with C++, use another language. C++ is great (I personally love it and it's the language of my current project) but it's also not a great language for beginners and trying to program a game, a complex type of program, is only going to confuse and frustrate you.

So, I would suggest that instead of attempting to build a platformer which is a lot harder than it might seem, try building something else first. Actually, build several something elses first. I hate to suggest it but TicTacToe is a good start. It's also boring to no end so there are other kinds of games to try out.

If you're comfortable enough to give it a shot right now, check out SDL. It's a great 2D library that you can use with both C and C++, has a hell of a lot of tutorials available everywhere (only that most tutorials I've found are truly terrible) and is very easy to build something with very quickly.

I don't often do this but if you'd like you can ask me questions and I'd be happy to talk to you about anything. Send me a PM via gamedev or you can send me an e-mail at leeor_net(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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I really think you should check out these 2 links:
Getting Started
How to make Games

I'm a beginner too, so i'll try to help you understand what is involved in game progamming to the best of my ability:

Learning a programming language:
I see that you have chose c++. C++ has a steep learning curve. It will take you a while (A month or two, depends on how good you are) to be good enough at it to use it to make games. It will take you years to truly 'master' the language. At least that's what experienced programmers tell me.

Here are some great c++ tutorials that you can use:
C++ Video Tutorials
C++ written tutorials
More C++ written tutorials

A free c++ eBook (on MSDN):
C++ Beginner's Guide

Learning an API (such as Win32/WinAPI)
To help you communicate with whatever platform you're using. Some Win32 tutorials:
Win32 Tutorials
More Win32 tutorials
There also some video tutorials on the first link i gave you.

Next, learning a Graphics API (Such as Directx's Direct3D/OpenGl)

Directx tutorials
Evil Steve's Direct3D Tutorials

Nehe's OpenGl tutorials

Just use your favourite search engine to find more tutorials :)

One thing to keep in mind, Games involve a lot more than that:
Artificial Intelligence
3D/2D Modelling
3D/2D Art and texturing
and more..

So keep in mind that you won't be making a WoW killer anytime soon.

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