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In idle() function, if (TestIntersionPlane(pl1,OldPos[i],uveloc,rt,norm)) { //Find intersection time rt4=rt*RestTime/rt2; //if smaller than the one already stored replace and in timestep if (rt4<=lamda) { if (rt4<=RestTime+ZERO) if (!((rt<=ZERO)&&(>ZERO)) ) { normal=norm; point=OldPos[i]+uveloc*rt; lamda=rt4; BallNr=i; } } } In the code segement, "!((rt<=ZERO)&&(>ZERO" I don't understand. In my opinion,>ZERO condition is not neccessary for rt must be > 0 if TestIntersionPlane return ture. I don't understand why (>ZERO is used?

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