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Water Ripples Clarification

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Hi everyone, I'm working on an iphone app and trying to get ripples into my 2D texture; I'm following the method described by: I got blur working as shown in part 1 and I started doing part the part: ResultMap[x, y] := (( CurrentSourceMap[x+1, y] + CurrentSourceMap[x-1, y] + CurrentSourceMap[x, y+1] + CurrentSourceMap[x, y-1] ) DIV 2 ) - PreviousResultMap[x, y] Right now I have 3 buffers. 1 containing the source, 2 buffers same size as the source used to for flipping back and forth. If result map is one of the two buffers that get flipped and source map is original source and previous result map is the other buffer. How does this ever return to the original image? As I have it coded right now it looks like static on a tv screen because it doesn't return the source map. This effect happens before I even displace the buffer. Also when in the paper where it says to set one of the array values to -100 does this mean to set the RGB values to -100? Thanks for the clarifications

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