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i need your help,pls

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hi , i want to make an engine like GrimFandago or monkey island, has a features of prerendered scenes, 3d chars etc. where should i start from ? anyone know any article about an engine like that or any idea ? thanks,

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Thanks ShiningKnight,

i though that for prerendered background ,i can use
just simple d3dtlvertex structure, you know. how it is
easy to make background with it. using
d3dtlvertex.sz is like zbuffering, is so useful for multilayer system. i can make a depth with this. but the big problem is,
how i can put my chars into this system. i try to make camera
matrix with constant position,angles ( pitch,yaw,roll) and also
i have a projection matrix. but the 3d chars will not suit with
2d prerendered background, epsecially with the horizon of the background.

so how can i implement a system like that ?

Again thanks for your reply...

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I''ve thought of making something like that of my own.

First of all, you gotta write a scripting engine for your game. The graphics part is the last one, and the HEAVY ONE! Making the backgrounds is not an easy task. You need a nice 3D modeling program plus lots of experience. To get everything to work, all 3D and 2D stuff, you need to work with it for years!!!

First of all, try to make a simple 2D adventure like the old verions of Curse of Monkey Island (1, 2, 3). They''re not easy to make, but a LOT easier than Grim Fandango.

The scripting-files might look something like this:

That might work!

And so on... If you don''t fully understand this, don''t worry. Try make your own, personal scripting engine suited for your game.

When the scripting engine is finished, you gotta get on with the design, pussels, story etc.
Backgrounds are best sketched on papers, scanned and then colored with the computer. The same with characters. Voices are hard to get, why not ask your friends?
Look around to figure out pussles. A glass can be thrown at the floor and then used to cut up a rope (had a glass beside me right now!) etc.
The story is quite hard to make. Read a book, watch movies etc to get a nice storyline.

With other words, adventure-games is hard to make in a day, just like Rome...

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