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shadow volume Problem

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class ShadowVolume

    void    reset() { m_dwNumVertices = 0L; }
    HRESULT buildShadowVolume( LPD3DXMESH pObject, D3DXVECTOR3 vLight );
    HRESULT render( LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pd3dDevice );


	void addEdge( WORD* pEdges, DWORD& dwNumEdges, WORD v0, WORD v1 );

	D3DXVECTOR3 m_pVertices[32000]; // Vertex data for rendering shadow volume
    DWORD       m_dwNumVertices;

struct ShadowVertex
    D3DXVECTOR4 p;
    D3DCOLOR    color;

	enum FVF

void initGeometryAndLighting( void )
	D3DMATERIAL9 g_pFloorMtrl;
	D3DLIGHT9 g_light0;
	ShadowVolume   *m_pShadowVolume;

    // Set up a material for the floor quads
	ZeroMemory( &g_pFloorMtrl, sizeof(D3DMATERIAL9) );
    g_pFloorMtrl.Diffuse.r = 1.0f;
    g_pFloorMtrl.Diffuse.g = 1.0f;
    g_pFloorMtrl.Diffuse.b = 1.0f;
    g_pFloorMtrl.Diffuse.a = 1.0f;
    g_pFloorMtrl.Ambient.r = 1.0f;
    g_pFloorMtrl.Ambient.g = 1.0f;
    g_pFloorMtrl.Ambient.b = 1.0f;
    g_pFloorMtrl.Ambient.a = 1.0f;

	// Set up a point light source...

	ZeroMemory( &g_light0, sizeof(D3DLIGHT9) );
	g_light0.Type         = D3DLIGHT_POINT;
	g_light0.Position     = D3DXVECTOR3( 2.0f, 2.0f, 0.0f ); // World-space position
	g_light0.Diffuse.r    = 1.0f;
    g_light0.Diffuse.g    = 1.0f;
    g_light0.Diffuse.b    = 1.0f;
    g_light0.Range        = 100.0f;
	g_light0.Attenuation0 = 1.0f;
    g_light0.Attenuation1 = 0.0f;

    g_pD3DDevice->SetLight( 0, &g_light0 );
	g_pD3DDevice->LightEnable( 0, TRUE );

	// Create a big square for rendering the stencil buffer contents...

                                      D3DUSAGE_WRITEONLY, ShadowVertex::FVF_Flags,
                                      D3DPOOL_MANAGED, &m_pBigSquareVB,0 );

	// Get the width & height of the back-buffer.
    g_pD3DDevice->GetBackBuffer(0, 0, D3DBACKBUFFER_TYPE_MONO, &pBackBuffer );
    pBackBuffer->GetDesc( &d3dsd );
	float sx = (float)d3dsd.Width;
	float sy = (float)d3dsd.Height;

	// Set the size of the big square shadow
    ShadowVertex *v;

    m_pBigSquareVB->Lock( 0, 0, BYTE**(&v), 0 );//<--the complier error said cannot change BYTE to void**
		v[0].p = D3DXVECTOR4(  0, sy, 0.0f, 1.0f );
		v[1].p = D3DXVECTOR4(  0,  0, 0.0f, 1.0f );
		v[2].p = D3DXVECTOR4( sx, sy, 0.0f, 1.0f );
		v[3].p = D3DXVECTOR4( sx,  0, 0.0f, 1.0f );
		v[0].color = 0x7f000000;
		v[1].color = 0x7f000000;
		v[2].color = 0x7f000000;
		v[3].color = 0x7f000000;

	// Finally, construct a shadow volume object...

    m_pShadowVolume = new ShadowVolume();

in the code, i got complier error (please look at the code) i want to do shadow volume. i got this code from internet and i try to apply for my program. if someone think it won't work please tell me. thanks

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m_pBigSquareVB->Lock( 0, 0, BYTE**(&v), 0 )
should be:
m_pBigSquareVB->Lock( 0, 0, (BYTE**)(&v), 0 )

I'd highly recommend taking a step back and learning C++ before jumping into Direct3D - you're just going to end up confusing yourself, and getting something working without knowing why, or even knowing if it works properly - just because the code compiles and runs on your machine, doesn't mean that it won't just crash at startup on someone elses machine.

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