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[.net] Generic Reflection

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DanX2002    110
I have a static class called Utility. It contains a (static) method called calculate() which takes two generic types in < > when called, as well as some parameters. These generic types are constrained by using the "where" keyword. Let's call the two generic types Type1 and Type2. What I need to do is start a new thread, pass Type1 and Type2 to the new thread, and have that new thread call the static method using those two types in the < > when calling it. I've been trying to use reflection because I don't see any other way to pass in Type objects and use those as actual generic types on a method call. But I am stuck looking through the msdn's library MethodInfo class without success. How can I say something like: Thread myThread = .... (I already know how to make one) myThread.informOfTypes(Type type1, Type type2); myThread.doStuff(); then somewhere in myThread's code: MethodInfo info = (typeof(Utility)).GetMethod("calculate`2"); info.Invoke /*with type1 and type2 passed in somehow*/ (?, args); //the first argument of Invoke() is supposed to be the object, but calculate() is static because Utility is a static class. Can I pass in null? //the second argument is easy. But how do I call it *generically* with type1 and type2, so that Invoke calls Utility.calculate<type1, type2>(args); ? Can anyone help please?

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ernow    732
From the Help on Invoke:

Type: System: Object
The object on which to invoke the method or constructor. If a method is static, this argument is ignored. If a constructor is static, this argument must be nullNothingnullptra null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) or an instance of the class that defines the constructor.

On passing the types.

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