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Help me create of lifelike metal surface with shaders

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Circumstances: I have a program product wich simulates CNC machine in process. This is three-dimensional program that imports models of rough parts, billets etc. All of the surfaces of our objects are presented with simple Fong model shader. So it is My problem: How can I achieve lifelike metal surface.(It should be performed with shaders rather than with other approaches). I've found an example of what I looking for. I've been trying to use: brdf for highlight + space texture for world reflection on object's surface + bump mapping to make things look more important =) But this method doesn't issue such results as on the pictures above. I would like to produce universal method which allows me to work with any surface material(without changing approach with different metal surface material) even though this method would be a little bit less realistic(than on the pictures above)!! My thanks in advance!

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Focus on the specular-gradients. May want to put something like that on the diffuse channel, too. Some of the gradients have more than 2-4 keypoints.

The videos you linked to use spherical-map reflections or cubemap versions of the same.

Also, add several layers of mipmapping for normals and diffuse like this:

uniform sampler2D texNoise1;

vec3 NoisyDiffuse(vec2 uv0){
vec3 color;
color = texture2D(texNoise1,uv0).xyz;
color+= texture2D(texNoise1,uv0*3.2+0.41).xyz;
color+= texture2D(texNoise1,uv0*7.1+0.15).xyz;
return color;

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