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Help with this forward declaration problem-ish

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I trying to learn the visitor pattern. So I am trying to implement a rather simple and stupid example, so no need to point that out. Instead of separating the classes into different file, its rather a small class so I just put everything into one file. Here is the main.cpp :
#include <iostream>
#include "Print.h"

using namespace Print; //template print functions
using namespace std;

class PrintVisitor;
class Char;
class Integer;
class Float;
struct VisitElem;

struct VisitElem {	
	virtual void visit(const PrintVisitor& pv)const = 0;

class Char : public VisitElem{
	char ch;
	Char(): ch(0){}
	Char(char c) : ch(c){}
	char elem(){ return ch; }
	void visit(const PrintVisitor& pv)const{ pv.visit(*this); }
class Integer{
	int i;
	Integer() : i(0){}
	Integer(int in) : i(in){}
	int elem(){ return i; }
	void visit(const PrintVisitor& pv)const{ pv.visit(*this); }
class Float{
	float fl;
	Float() : fl(0.0f){}
	Float(float f) : fl(f){};
	float elem(){ return fl; }
	void visit(const PrintVisitor& pv)const{ pv.visit(*this); }
class PrintVisitor{
	void visit(Char ch)const{ print(ch.elem());}
	void visit(Integer i)const{ print(i.elem());}
	void visit(Float fl)const{ print(fl.elem());}
int main()
	return 0;

It gives me some errors because of the visit(...) method for each class. Here is the errors :
error C2027: use of undefined type 'PrintVisitor'
error C2228: left of '.visit' must have class/struct/union
I see why the error msg is. Its because the compiler does not know yet that PrintVisitor has a visit method. But I am not sure how to solve this problem. Any help is appreciated.

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Don't define the functions inline in the class definitions. Define them after class definitions.

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