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Free 3D Full Featured Game Engines

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I'm currently working on a small research project for which I need at least 3 different 3D game engines. I was wondering if you guys could comment on the top 3 best documented, fully featured, free engines. By fully featured I mean the engine should include: - rendering capabilities (Scenegraph) - collision detection with hooks for responses - camera definition - as many convenience facilities as possible I have to use engines that all run on the same language - I am currently working in Irrlicht 3D and therefore I am now limited to C++. As a reference, I do not consider Irrlicht to be well documented. I would really like to find engines that provide better documentation than Irrlicht so that I can work more quickly through rapid development. I was intrigued by the number of options in the XNA Framework, but as far as I can tell that framework is only supported in C#....but something along those lines would be perfect so long as it supports 3D games well. Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks.

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