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L. Spiro

Terrain Lighting

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I am currently using baked vertex lighting on my terrain, which looks decent for a single light source but is not suitable for multiple lights (I would need a whole new set of vertices for every light). I am upgrading and thinking of decent ways to shadow my terrain without shaders (no cascaded shadow maps). My ideas now are to lay one texture over the terrain for each directional light and draw the shadow/lighting onto that, using it in texture slot 0, replacing the vertex colors (if any). This would work well on iPhone devices that have no stencil buffer. Down side is that they do not cast shadows onto objects on the terrain. Second idea is to use volume shadows just for terrain, mixed with the shadow maps I use for other objects. Downside is that it will not work on iPhone below 3GS. I was wondering if anyone has tried my ideas above and if so, how did it work out? Additionally, any other ideas I should consider? Regards, Yogurt Emperor

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