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Upadting characters position with Arrive(Steering behaviour prob)

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So im doing steering behaviours at the moment. My Arrive algorithm works, in that it givese a smaller vector upon approach to a point. The problem im having is in the updating of the characters position. From looking around this seems fairly standard: void Guard::updateSteering(SteeringOutput steering, float time) { Velocity += steering.velocity * time; rotation = steering.rotation * time; position += Velocity *time; orientation += rotation*time; } But the problem is that towards the end, when the character is close to the point of arrival, the Velocity will have some value from previous executions. So even though steering.velocity (the velocity returned by the Arrival Algorithm), is 0 the character will keep moving. Can someone tell me how to sort this. Cheers [Edited by - discodowney on March 14, 2010 7:55:51 AM]

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