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looking for a good c++ tutorial

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I know alot of these threads are constantly created and I've been to places like xoax.net and cprogramming.com and went through all the beginner tutorials and all the console videos. Anyways I'm looking for a good object orientation c++ tutorial as well as something like using directx for the graphics programming. Basically i'm looking to get away from the c++ console window and making graphical interfaces. any thoughts on this would be great and hopefully i didn't sound too much like a newbie in asking this.

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Hope some of those help you in the right direction.

Kind Regards

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To communicate with windows (i'm assuming you're using windows since you want to learn directx), you need to learn an API, here are some Win32(WinApi)tutorials:

Win32 tutorials
More Win32 tutorials

This one contains both basic Win32 and Direct3D tutorials, it might get confusing at first, but it's excellent when you understand it.
Evil steve's tutorials

As for Learning Directx:
This site is good, but only offers 13 (i think) free tutorials, you will have to pay for the rest.
Some directx tutorials
I haven't personally tried these, but you might find them useful:
Direct3D tutorials
More tutorials

Keep in mind that you might want to continue learning new stuff about c++ as you learn how to use graphics/GUIs

Great c++ tutorials

And here's a good eBook:
A beginner's guide"

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