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Strange FPS increase/decrease

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I've created a pretty nice graphics engine wrapped around SDL, but something weird is happening that I can't quite figure out. I've found that when my engine renders 10000 10x10 SDL_Surfaces with no alpha transparency (SDL_SetAlpha( surface_, SDL_SRCALPHA, 255 )) I get about 80 FPS. But, when the alpha level is below 255, the FPS jumps to somewhere between 120 and 130. In light of that, I decided that I should cap the alpha value at 254 which would ensure an FPS increase of about 40-50. But this causes all blits to change the color value just slightly. For instance, if a surface filled with the color red (255, 0, 0) and an alpha of the 254 cap is blitted onto a surface filled with cyan (0, 255, 255), the resulting color is an off red (253, 1, 1). As small as this difference is, it is still unacceptable. So, if I can't cap the alpha at 254, then I need a reason my FPS jumps that high at alpha levels below 255 and I need a way to reproduce that FPS increase without capping the alpha. Any ideas?

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