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AngelScript 2.18.2

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Another version has been released. This version doesn't bring much in terms of new features. The only new feature that has been implemented is the support for function pointers in the script language. However, as there is really no way for the application to register or interact with these yet the full usefulness of this functionality will only become available with the next releases. Still, this is an important release, as quite a lot of bugs have been detected and fixed. Especially those that use or want to use property accessors should consider getting this new version. For the next release, 2.19.0, I'll make sure the function pointers will be available to the application as well, and I will also work on the saved bytecode in order to make the files smaller and platform independent. I may not be able to abstract the pointer size for the next release, but other than that it should be fully compatible between platforms. Regards, Andreas

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