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simple game Server Help?

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I have this pretty simple game idea and I'm wondering how best to go about doing this... I know something like what I want to do has been done...and I could do that, but I don't like that version all that much but to do it this slightly different way it causes me a slight problem... What I want to do is take an RPG battle system and allow it so that 2 people can connect and play against each other... Through playing against each other (and NPCs in some circumstances) they earn money and exp that they can spend on new stuff... The easiest way that this could be done is have all the character info where ever the program is, but that has problems as far as people cheating... so my question is... could you set up a system where the data is more or less saved on a server, while the program connects to a peer... or if that's not clear... Person A challenges Person B Person A connects to Person B Person A connects to server to authenticate Person B connects to server to authenticate match happens if both are valid Person A connects to server to update with results Person B connects to server to update with results Person A and B disconnect from each other Something like that... would that be able to be done on a regular web host and is there a better way to keep the character data safe?

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