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[SlimDX] Sprite projection matrix for drawing font [SOLVED]

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Hi I am rendering to a backbuffer that is different in size to the screen, and I use a projection matrix to keep the perspective. When I try drawing fonts with a sprite though, it just doesn't work, and they appear all bunched up. I apply a world matrix to the sprite before rendering the font, and i tried multiplying the projection matrix into there but it didnt work. Can someone please help me out? [Edited by - BoxyCraft on May 20, 2010 11:22:00 PM]

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This is basically the draw function, in Visual Basic. This works fine if the rendertarget and screen are the same size.

Public Sub Draw(ByRef p As Vector2D, ByVal scale As Single)


'get top-left position
Dim pos As Vector2D
pos.X = p.X - (_width * 0.5F * scale)
pos.Y = p.Y - (_height * 0.5F * scale)

_sprite.Transform = Matrix.Identity * Matrix.Scaling(scale, scale, 1) * Matrix.Translation(pos.X, pos.Y, 0)

'Draw text
rect.X = _spacing
rect.Y = _spacing
rect.Width = _width - _spacing - _spacing
_smallfont.MeasureString(_sprite, _text, DrawTextFormat.Left, rect)
_smallfont.DrawString(_sprite, _text, rect, DrawTextFormat.Left, _textcolor.ToArgb)


End Sub

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Solved. I was changing the state before the Sprite.Flush! [depressed]

I even cut that part out before posting my code, because I didn't think it was important!

Anyway, solved, and no problem!

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