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Running a plugin 3ds max

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terry_burns85    170
Evening all, Thought this would be the area where people would probably know the answer to this. I have been developing a mesh exporter for 3ds max and it has successfully compiled and is now loaded in 3ds max 2010. Just wondering, how I go about running it? Can't seem to find this anywhere :S

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assainator    685
I Assume it has inherited the 'SceneExport' class.
You should copy it to the plugin map in your max dir.
Then max will automaticly load it. If you don't get any error messages, it means that the plugin was loaded as it should.

Now you can simply export your mesh by opening the menu and selecting, export. Your format should be in it. If not, there is a problem in your code. You have not properly filled all the functions needed.

I hope this helps,


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