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SDL IMG_Load_RW with pngs

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Hi there, I've been following a tutorial from here. However I'm having trouble loading PNG images, .bmp works fine, the code I have so far is:
SDL_Surface *Graphics::load_image(char *resfilename, char *imgfilename) {
  // Get the images buffer and size from the resource file
  int filesize = 0;
  char *buffer = get_buffer_from_resource(resfilename, imgfilename, &filesize);
  // Load the buffer into a surface using RWops
  SDL_RWops *rw = SDL_RWFromMem(buffer, filesize);
  SDL_Surface *temp = IMG_Load_RW(rw, 1);
  // Release the image buffer memory
  // Were we able to load the image?
  if(temp == NULL) {
    std::cout << "Unable to load image: " << SDL_GetError();
  // Convert the image to optimal display format
  g_Image = SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha(temp);
  // Free the temp surface
  return g_Image;

I've tried:
SDL_Surface *temp = IMG_LoadTyped_RW(rw, 1, "PNG");

but no luck. The stdout.txt file reads, "Unable to load image: Error reading the PNG file." Any ideas/tips will be appreciated, thanks.

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Make sure you have zlib.dll in the same directory as SDL_image.dll. SDL_image uses zlib for PNG compression.

If that doesn't work, try loading another file format like JPEG or TIFF to see if you can narrow the problem down to PNG files. Make sure the image files and DLLs are in the proper location. Step through your file loading code in the debugger. There's not much else to suggest.


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