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OpenGL [Solved] FPS Gun over the scene

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Hey again all, now I've come a ways along since my last two topics (yes amazing innit?) Now the title can't quite cover the scope of my questions so I'll say it straight. What I need to do is draw a mesh over the entire scene, the mesh currently is so large that it protrudes out and passes through the world geometry, the mesh I'm speaking of is a gun FYI. Now in D3D all I had to do was clear the depth buffer to 1.0f again, this produced the exact effect I desired as seen in this screenshot: Now in my OpenGL implementation of the renderer (which uses the same functions and function call order), in my function Hardware_ZBuffer(bool bl); I replaced the D3D clear call to an OpenGL clear call... but nothing, absolutely nothing happened that was different. I tried 1.0f and 0.0f, there was no difference, next I tried glDepthMask(GL_FALSE); to disable depth buffer writes (yes I was stupid enough to bother, I hadn't been thinking too clearly at the time) but of course... that failed (geometry that wasn't supposed to be seen was drawn over the top of other geometry) and finally I tried disabling depth testing... disabling depth testing and masking the buffer resulted in this: (not at the same time, they individually looked the same though) Now I've probably overlooked something and one of you guys will point it out (and I will feel completely stupid over it) but the help is greatly appreciated. [Edited by - RexHunter99 on March 16, 2010 8:35:19 AM]

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