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CodeWarrior Pro 6 and OpenGL

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I stil can't get CodeWarrior to compile an OpenGL program. When I create a new OpenGL program and go to "Add Files" to add the OpenGL libraries GLAUX.LIB, GLU32.LIB, and OPENGL32.LIB and then try to include from these libraries with: #include gl.h // brackets are missing #include glu.h // otherwise they won't show up #include glaux.h // in the post it gives me these errors: Error : the file 'GL/gl.h' cannot be opened GLU.H line 22 #include GL/gl.h Error : the file 'GL/gl.h' cannot be opened GLAUX.H line 57 #include GL/gl.h Error : the file 'GL/glu.h' cannot be opened GLAUX.H line 58 #include GL/glu.h There are those header files in the Win32 support folder in the headers folder. Also, when I try using #include gl\gl.h // again, brackets are missing so #include gl\glu.h // the file names will show up #include gl\glaux.h // in the post When I try opening the CodeWarrior 5 lesson from nehe and converting it to CWpro 6, I get the following error on compile. Link Error : Undefined symbol: _WinMain@16 in MWCRTLD.LIB (winmaincrt.obj) What's going on? why does nehe's project compile and my new project with the opengl libraries added not compile, and why won't nehe's project file link? Edited by - JeroMiya on August 4, 2001 5:44:13 PM

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I know what your problem is. You need to create a directory in your Project folder called GL and copy the opengl .h files in it...

I was using CW before my reformat and that''s what I had to do. After that, my project ran fine....

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