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[SDL] Carnage-engine, C++

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Alright so, I announced it as a possible game library in the dedicated thread; I think it could also be proper to announce it correctly in its own thread.This engine is yet another 2D library. (yet.. c.f free-game-dev-libs)Well I developed it so I thought since it exists, it'd better be used helping whoever has the use of it.So here it is, a simple SDL wrapper over C++. (2000 lines of engine, 2000 lines of generic C++/math tools)It features:

edit: v2 is out now, check project on sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/carnage-engine

  • wrapped SDL initialization and window creation
  • sprite management, either statics, animated, or trick-rotated (all rotations baked in the bitmap)
  • collisions management. register static object shapes in your level, and ask efficiently (binary tree) for intersections with basic shapes later.
  • sound management, over sdl_mixer.
  • generic tools: fps counter, mac/nux/win hi-res timer, freelist, circularlist, 2D vectors etc.an idea of the programming style:

    #include "carnage-engine/spritemanager.hpp"
    namespace ce = carnage_engine; // let's not bother with gigantic prefixes.

    int main(int, char**)
    // creates a manager, will create a window if there is no window yet.
    ce::SpriteManager spm;
    int h = spm.LoadSprite("hello.bmp"); // let's use helper function to compute x = (screenRes - helloWidth) / 2...
    spm.Move(h, ce::GetScreenCenterX(spm.GetW(h)), ce::GetScreenCenterY(spm.GetH(h)));
    spm.Draw(h); // blit sprite h
    spm.Update(); // flip surfaces
    getchar(); // wait for keyboard in the console and quit the program


    With hope that it will help, knowing that there is only SDL (and SDL_mixer if you want sound) as dependencies, its nice for those who want to keep it simple. Edited by Lightness1024

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Today the engine reached its version 1.0
the demo is here to show how to use most of the features of the engine.

get it:
project at sourceforge

The upcoming features for 2.0:
- rotozoom
- dynamic objects collision detection

for 3.0:
- opengl renderer
- multi light sources lighting
- bump mapping and normal mapping

the demo, with sphere basic physics simulation and a laser shooter:
c++ sdl carnage-engine demo

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Alright folks, I made version 2 aviable on sourceforge, new functions: check the changelist.txt

thanks for watching !

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