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Circle in 3D

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Hi, I usually draw circles in 3D using the following formula: point = (center.x + (radius * cos(a)), center.y + (radius * sin(a)), center.z) Not the most efficient way considering the cos and sin but performance is not my primary concern here. The problem with this is that the circle is always draw along 2 axis (in that case X and Y). What if I want to draw a circle on any plane in 3D space, given 3 points on that plane (I have 3 points on the circle as well as its center, I'm just missing the formula to render it on the screen). Thanks for your help!

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3 points + centre is overkill (a plane is defined by three points).

Say, a centre and two points :) these points create a frame that you can use to orientate your circle.


// three vector (right, up, dir) for a orthormal frame.
// each vector will be of unit length, and perpendicular to each other.
// they form an orientation matrix, or a othonormal coordinate system.
Vector right = (a - centre);
Vector dir = (b - centre);
Vector up;

right = (a - centre);
dir = (b - centre);
up = dir.cross_product(right);

dir = right.cross_product(up);

from then on, you can do...


float a = 0.0f;
const int slices = 32;
float da = two_pi() / slices;

for(int i = 0; i < slices; i++, a+= da)
point = centre + (right * (cos(a) * radius)) + (dir * (sin(a) * radius));

Normal of circle will be 'up'. 'right' is, if you will, the x-axis of your circle, and 'dir' will be the 'y' axis of your circle.

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