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TKinter window focus

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Hi, I'm developping in Delphi, and use PythonToDelphi to script the application. I also use tkinter to have some user-defined forms opened from the script. When I open a tkinter window, it looks as if the main (Delphi) form still has focus, and when the mouse cursor gets over it, I get an exception (there is some feedback from Delphi to Python, amongst other mouse cursor position, that is not appreciated). I've got a few questions related to this issue : - I would have thought that opening a tkinter window would send a Windows message around to deactivate other Windows (i.e. the currently active Delphi form), why is this not the case ? Can I trigger this "manually" from Python ? - Is it possible to deactivate the Delphi (or any other Windows form), overriding the automatic Windows mechanism ?

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