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DarkBASIC Pro Compile error

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I am a beginner to programming, and I installed DirectX 9.c and the Trial of DarkBASIC Pro, made a program, and when I try to execute it, I get the error saying "Installation and Compile Versions are incompatible". Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I installed to the default directory, this time.

At this point it popped up the "activate the trial version" dialog, which I had ignored when opening the editor. It had not done this before when trying to compile. So I activated it.

Then it said my DirectX installation was out of date (I coulda sworn I had the latest...) so I downloaded and upgraded to DX9.0c.

And now stuff compiles and runs.

Also same guy posts at with:


I uninstalled, and reinstalled to the default directory.
I "Activated" the demo.
I upgraded DirectX.

I am tempted to uninstall again, and install back to a non-default dir to see if the problem recurs... but not that tempted.

Hope that helps. If I remember correctly Dark Basic Pro is now free? At least according to:

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