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help with cvxporter and textures?

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Hi i found this forum in my 2 week quest on some support for the cvxporter. Hopefully i will get trapped in the community now. Anyway I send chad an email and am asking here as well. I'm trying to get the .dds exporter working to test how the textures are going to be showing up in game and how much work my group needs to put into the bump maps and such. The problem is that this project is a school project and the computers we use have a deep freeze so I'm trying not to install any programs on the thawspace. I've tried multiple settings in the cvxporter UI and the directX sdk is installed on the machines. I just can't seem to find anywhere on the internet with instructs on how or if i need to do any extra work on the script to get it to locate the sdk. So if anyone has instructions on the cvxporter or knows of any other maya plugins that are easier to use id appreciate any links or help. Also any information on Bump maps in video games would be helpful as well. Thanks in advanced.

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