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Rotation Matrix reset only one axis problem.

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First of all, Hello to everyone! :P I have a problem, I have a rotation matrix that rotates in all 3 axes, and, in some point of the game, I receive a single axis absolute angle. Now I have a Rotation Matrix and a single angle, say, for example, 200 degrees on X axis. At this point, I want to reset my Rotation Matrix Y Axis to 200 degrees without modifying the degrees of X and Z axis but, I don't know how, because my Rotation Matrix already has an Y axis and, if I concatenate them, it will be more (or less) than 200 degrees. I've tried to get the Euler angles from the Matrix, then set Euler->Y to my desired degrees (Euler->Y = 200;) and then create a new Rotation Matrix with this Vector, but, I don't like it because in some positions, the angles received from conversion MatrixToEuler are not fiable. What can I do?

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