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temporary address warning help

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hi all, im currently working on the iPhone and using objective C and im getting this error which im not sure how to get rid of. it says warning: taking address of temporary. here is the code related to it. my data struct
typedef struct 
	DS2DVector	Position;
	float		orientation;
	int			ID;
} packetData;

my class which holds 2 declared array's of the struct
@interface PhaseManager : NSObject 
	//current phase
	DSPhase				*currentPhase;
	//Dictionary of scenes
	NSMutableDictionary *Phases;
	//Global aloha for fading screens
	float				globalAlpha;
	//view for each phase to access
	DSGLView			*glView;
	//access to the network controller
	DSGameKitController		*GKController;
	bool					peerIsConnected;
	packetData				tankInfo[2]; ///////HERE////////
	packetData				bulletInfo[2];////////HERE///////
	int						playerID;
	bool				isPaused;

@property( nonatomic, retain ) DSPhase		*currentPhase;
@property( nonatomic, retain ) DSGLView		*glView;
@property( readonly ) bool					isPaused;
@property( readonly )DSGameKitController	*GKController;
@property( assign )bool						peerIsConnected;

+ (PhaseManager*)sharedPhaseManager;
- ( void )addPhaseToDictionary:( DSPhase* )Phase withKey:( NSString* )aKey;
- ( DSPhase* )getPhaseWithKey:( NSString* )aPhaseKey;
- ( BOOL )setCurrentPhaseWithKey:(NSString*)aPhaseKey;
- ( BOOL )unloadPhaseWithKey:( NSString* )aPhaseKey;
- ( void )setIsPaused:( bool )paused;

- ( packetData )getTankInfo:( int )tankNumber; 
- ( packetData )getBulletInfo:( int )bulletNumber; 
- ( void )setDataPacket:( int )ID ofPlayer:( int )player position:( DS2DVector )pos orientation:(float)orientation;


and this is where im getting the warning
	[_phaseManager setDataPacket:0 ofPlayer:0 position:playerLocation orientation:0];//tank
	[_phaseManager setDataPacket:1 ofPlayer:0 position:playerLocation orientation:0];//bullet
	[_phaseManager setDataPacket:0 ofPlayer:1 position:playerLocation orientation:0];//tank
	[_phaseManager setDataPacket:1 ofPlayer:1 position:playerLocation orientation:M_PI];//bullet
	packetData *d = &[_phaseManager getTankInfo:0];///////WARNING HERE//////////

here is the getTankinfo function
- ( packetData )getTankInfo:( int )tankNumber
	return tankInfo[tankNumber];

that packet is going to be sent over bluetooth on the iphone's...so i cant have it talking about temporary variables and losing data on me. If it wont, anyone know how to get rid of the error? cheers

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