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[SlimdX]directinput problem

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hi i am trying to create a directinput device but i can´t, i have found this thread in the: forum but i doesn´t work for me. Here is my code: Private keyb As SlimDX.DirectInput.Device Private Sub InitializeInputDevices() Dim keyboardDevice As New SlimDX.DirectInput.DeviceClass(Of keyboarsdtate)(SystemGuid.Keyboard) keyb.SetCooperativeLevel(Me, DirectInput.CooperativeLevel.Background Or DirectInput.CooperativeLevel.Nonexclusive) keyb.Acquire() End Sub but i have two errors : keyboardstate is not defined SlimDX.DirectInput.DeviceClass' hasn´t parameters of type and because of that can´t have arguments of type

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What version do you have? last is feb 2010. You can initialize the keyboard like this:

C# code..

SlimDX.DirectInput.Mouse mouse;
SlimDX.DirectInput.Keyboard keyboard;
SlimDX.DirectInput.DirectInput directInput;

public void IniKeyBoard()
//....stuff load
this.directInput = new SlimDX.DirectInput.DirectInput();
this.keyboard = new SlimDX.DirectInput.Keyboard(this.directInput);
this.mouse = new SlimDX.DirectInput.Mouse(this.directInput);

public void Update()
if (!this.keyboard.Acquire().IsSuccess || !this.mouse.Acquire().IsSuccess)

SlimDX.DirectInput.KeyboardState key = this.keyboard.GetCurrentState();
SlimDX.DirectInput.MouseState mouse = this.mouse.GetCurrentState();

if (key.IsPressed(SlimDX.DirectInput.Key.W))
//do stuff

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