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Localization Software?

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Does anyone know of any decent localization software? I'm not finding much on a web search. Seems like someone would have written something by now which makes localization easier. It would be good if the software could: * Platform independent (probably accessable through a browser), so multiple projects that may be on different platforms could all access it. * When I go to make a new string, search for existing possible matches in the database that might be what I want. Then give me a list of strings that are close, incase the string was already translated in the past. * Let me receive email updates if someone changes the key or value of the string. * Configurable export to different formats. Ie, I need this one to look like MFC string tables, this one to be in android xml format, etc. * Have a bunch of common strings already translated that a lot of projects may use (Quit, Help, Edit, Delete, Yes, No, Cancel, etc). Any ideas on what this sort of software costs?

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