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getting dx10 reference rasterizer

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ISVs don't usually get access to Windows source code, and IHVs only get access to it when they are really significant in the marketplace (AMD, NVidia, Intel etc.). There are rare exceptions, but I'm probably not allowed to talk about them (NDA binds me too).

You don't need the source of the refrast or WARP in order to develop software that uses them. You can get the binaries and corresponding import libraries and headers for both with the DirectX SDK, which is a free download. The public interfaces for D3D are very well documented and don't require a NDA.

Using either the reference or WARP device in place of an actual hardware device is very easy - you just need to modify one line of code where you create the device object interface. The samples that come with DX SDK demonstrate this very concisely.

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