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Hi, I just found this casaul game dev suite called PlayFirst SDK Looking at some casual games that was made using playfirst, it seems like it does everything a 2D game requires: tiled maps, sprite animations and etc. Unfortunately I found this AFTER I spent a few years (on and off) on my own engine (At least it does tiled maps and sprite animation properly) And of course, it's obviously way more full fledged than my engine is...I mean it has a windows-friendly GUI whereas my engine uses a console-like GUI for tile placements o.O So, with a bitter feeling, I'm asking the community for opinion or basically any comment towards this SDK. I think my head is already saying to scratch everything and use this SDK, but my heart wouldn't let me because of all those time I spent on the graphical side of my game,lol, it makes me feel like I'm betraying my own work ...but obviously this SDK is way better than what I have so far :( Any thoughts? Feelings? lol btw, this is their website

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Hi Polarboy,

just stick with your own... you learn far more and you are far
more intimitate with it, than you can ever be with the sdk.

Concentrate on the features you really need and rock on. It is just
not fair to your work and you should stick with it, as it obviously means
more to you. Put some more love into it and eventually you begin to like your own solutions over pre-fabricated things others have done. You can do too... the way you think !

Especially useful if you want to program for a living etc. You really learn your own style and cutting through larger projects. It will take you time, but it will be yours by heart.

Good luck!

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Haha, thanks Fedrick.

I actually don't know what to think o.O
or what I was thinking when I started this thread o.O

Originally I was thinking of asking for opinions, but later on, I noticed I didn't want to do anything other than expressing my frustration,lol.

You are right, no matter how slow my project is going (Due to school and work and everything else), I have grown attached to it.

Every progress I make gives me a sense of achievement, which is something PlayFirst is not able to provide.

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