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Synth advice

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Nebob    122
I''m looking to take up an instrument, synths to be more precise. I have the eventual goal of playing/making trance, so I''m looking for something suitable for a beginner that can produce a wide variety of trancey sounds and won''t break the bank. I have no idea how much these things go for, so you''ll have to interpret that last condition yourself. Those of you who know something about this, please advise me. Remember; any and all information is beneficial.

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Zeblar Nagrim    150
I depends on how rich you are and how good you are with a analog enviroment.

1. Rich electrician. Roland TB303 and Roland TR909.
2. Rich. Buy a expancive analog synth from Oberheim or Novation.
3. Poor but electrician. Buy a sheep old analog synth second hand.
4. Poor. Buy a demi-analog synth. Like Novation BasStation or Roland CX-1. And use your computer to make all the drum sounds.

Good Luck.

Zeblar Nagrim, Lord of Chaos

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