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I been having trouble directx

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I have the microsoft visual c++ 4.0, and I have directx 8.0. and I was just wondering if they were compatible with each other because I seem to be having some trouble, since directx 8 is new and MSVC 4.0 is old. And can anyone tell me where I can find the closest to perfect tutorial on directx there is. and If anyone is currently making a nice game, please let me know so I can learn the process since I am new at this. <*3*D*I*M*E*N*S*I*O*N*A*L*>

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I seem to remember somewhere in Microsoft's DirectX developer site (http://msdn.microsoft.com/directx) or in the DirectX docs that DirectX 8 required Visual C++ 5 (with service pack 3) or higher. I haven't used Borland's products since version 4 so I have no clue what the minimum is there.

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Of course it works!
I''m using MSVC++ 4.0 with directx 8.

I have noticed one problem while using the Nexe tutorials,
though, and that is the bool data type.
This version of msvc++ didn''t have that defined, appearently,
so I just replaced all instance of the term "bool" with "int,"
then typed in "#define true 1" and "#define false 2" at the
beggining of the file. It seems to work now.

They probably either mean that only version 5 is supported,
and users of older versions are own their own as far as
support is concerned. Either that, or they just want you
to buy another copy of visual C, since their budget is so
tight right now and they need the money.

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