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Best way to draw background

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thewideweb    122
I have some nice background images that I created in bryce 5 and I want to load these into my games. The images are mostly 640x480 in size. But, the problem that I have run into is performance. Using copyrect to blit the large image into the backbuffer each time easily causes 50% performance drop. My question is, would it be more efficient to split my background images into 4 x 2 smaller images (each being 160 x 240) and copy this to the backbuffer each frame? This way it would work on voodoo3 cards (i think the maximum texture size on those is 256x256). Thanks.

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DrunkenHyena    805

Splitting them up is definitely the way to go. Copyrect is slow.

If you want to keep things simple and don''t care about memory waste (or leaving the Voodoo owners behind) you could load your image into a 1024x512 are with the rest of it blank and just draw the bit you want.

I think your idea of splitting ''em is better though.

Stay Casual,

Drunken Hyena

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