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Audiere Help please

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Vanz    204
So far Audiere is working great, I can play background music and sound effects all at the some time and am pretty happy, but I need to be able to call sounds and music from functions like BOOL cApp::PlaySound(int SoundName) Unfortunately it seems that the sound start and exits right after the function returns a value. Here's some quick test code that shows my problem.
#include "stdafx.h"
#include <string>
#include <cstdio>
#include "audiere.h"

using namespace audiere;
AudioDevicePtr  device3(OpenDevice());

bool test();

bool test()
OutputStreamPtr sound3(OpenSound(device3, "sData/Bolero.ogg", true)); //../../api/inc/
return 1;
int main(void)
long i, a;


AudioDevicePtr  device2(OpenDevice());
OutputStreamPtr sound2(OpenSound(device2, "sData/SW1.ogg", false)); //../../api/inc/

AudioDevicePtr  device1(OpenDevice());
OutputStreamPtr sound1(OpenSound(device1, "sData/SW2.ogg", false)); //../../api/inc/

if (i==1111255555) 	sound1->play();
if (i==411655555) 	sound2->play();
} // End for i

return 0;

So I want to play the song called out in the function "bool test()", but once the function executes "return 1;" the sound stops. If I place the code inside the function "bool test()" into "int main(void)" then it works... but I really need these sounds to play out of functions located in separate .cpp files... Any advice would be appreciated... Thanks, rhuala ps. Is there also a way to tell when the music file is over, so I know when to start the next one?

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Vanz    204
well found the answer to my last question...

while (sound1->isPlaying())

Unfortunately, VC++2008 gives me the following error when trying to use that function... grrr...[depressed]

Inconsistent values for /Ym between creation and use of precompiled header

Any ideas how to fix this error, can't seem to find the answer with [google]

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