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Hey guys. Im after some advice on which road to travel. I have been studying a NC Games Development course at Stow College in Glasgow, and it has come to the time to start applying for course`s to study next year. I have two choices, HNC Computer Games Development or HND Software Development (with Animation). Both of these courses would lead to Bsc Honors Degree`s The HNC Computer Games Development would lead to this. While the HND Software Development (with Animation)would lead to a Degree in Software Engineering. Ive been looking at the jobs online that have been adverstised by games development companys and i see they all ask from anywhere from 2 to 8 yrs experience plus a degree. I really want to work within the games industry but i am pretty much unsure of which of the courses to undertake, Any advice you guys could give would be great as i see this as a life changing decision.

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Original post by Blacklisted
I`m very interested in the programming side of games development. My drawing skills are poor to be fair.

If you don't mind moving away from home during your studies then Abertay University have a games technology course with a very good reputation, from what I've heard that is. They were the first in the UK to gain Skillset accreditation, which basically means it's one of the few completely industry approved courses in the UK.

Having said that, the Glasgow Caledonian course you linked to offers the chance at a work placement. That will be a massive plus point on your CV if you can get yourself a place.

Assuming the animation portion of the second course you mention is Art based rather than simulation/procedural animation then I wouldn't recomend that if you art skills are poor like you say =P

I should however make the disclaimer that I am still a student myself, so you should probably take what I say with a grain of salt. If you weren't in Scotland I would recomend Teesside University to you, the games programming courses here offer a work placement and have skillset accreditation, so I get the best of both worlds [grin]. I was one of the lucky few who managed to secure a work placement and from my experience I would definately recomend you favor a course that offers one.

You should attend some open days for the Universities you're considering, research into the quality of teaching (and whatever other factors you deem important to you) at each one and make your descision based on that. (Theres no point in being able to get a work placement if the course isn't taught well enough to get you into the industry in the first place)

Hope that helps. [smile]

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