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Does I need to know any C when writing games or programs in C++?

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Buster2000    4310
No you don't need to know C when programming C++. If you are doing your own projects or just learning the language then its fine to learn C++ without going over the C library functions.

However nearly every C++ programming test that I've done for a job interview has had a whole bunch of questions regarding C functions. In fact I've seen interview papers that have said at the top of the page "C++ Test" and then contained nothing but questions regardin C string handling functions and various questions regarding char*.

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DevFred    840

Knowing C is a prerequisite for learning C++, right?

Wrong. The common subset of C and C++ is easier to learn than C. There will be less type errors to catch manually (the C++ type system is stricter and more expressive), fewer tricks to learn (C++ allows you to express more things without circumlocution), and better libraries available. The best initial subset of C++ to learn is not "all of C".


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