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Near plane clipping in canonical view volume?

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I've been tinkering off and on with my software rasterizer looking at different ways of handling clipping. Currently my pipeline works by taking my object/local space vertices from my model, multiplying them by a worldViewProjection matrix which I create, then I take my vertices and divide them by my w value which brings them into my canonical view volume (also do the same for the UVs for perspective correction and save the inv z for retrieving them later). After all this I then clip the triangles to the sides of my CVV. The clipping is working correctly the the top, left, right and bottom. However, I have been having trouble getting my vertices clipped correctly against the near plane such that I dont end up with divide by zero errors when I go to rasterize. Is there some big logical problem with the route I am taking, or perhaps I just need to go back and double check my calculations on the near plane?

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