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[SlimDX] Render to bitamp with MSAA

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Hi. I want to render some scene to System.Drawing.Bitmap type. Currently i have success with non-multisampled rendering only. Creation of the render target in next:
m_renderTarget = Surface.CreateRenderTarget(m_device,

There is some conflict with lockable back buffer and multisample antialiasing. I get error when use both: [4132] Direct3D9: (ERROR) :Multi-Sampled render-targets are not lockable. CreateRenderTarget failed Perhaps there is some other way to render scene to bitmap?? thanks in advice.

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still not working with AA. I get error when call GetRenderTargetData():

[6000] Direct3D9: (ERROR) :Cannot perform copies from multisampled render targets. GetRenderTargetData fails

any help?

[Edited by - user88 on March 30, 2010 9:04:28 AM]

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