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Character Graphics and Control Restrictions

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Hi, First of all I am sorry if this isn't the right place to start this thread. The moderators may be kind enough to move it to right place. Right. The topic. I am new to game programming, but over the last month i've learnt many things. I even developed a game, but that's only to brat about. The main thing which i couldn't get to know from the net or from the books, is that how to make various elements of a graphic game, like walls, character, cars etc etc in 2d.. like is there any particular software to make it? cuz i've only used special characters "@" or "$" as players in my game.. secondly, i've been using vectors to stop the player from going off the path. i hope you understand. suppose the path is 10 units in height, so to not let the player go off the path, i do this:- if(y < 10) ++y; \\the player cannot go above the line y = 10 if(y > 20) --y; \\ the player cannot go below line y = 20 now imagine doing this for a very complicated game.. thats a helluva time waste.. i believe that games like need for speed dont have such vector conditions to stop cars going off the track to the stands.. what is the alternative to this?? really need some information on these topics.. thanks SimpleD

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